Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Morning, Today, and Some Gratitude, I might have gotten off to a bad start.  I might have been grumpy and snappy.  I might have banged a few dishes around while making breakfast, and I just maybe was slightly ill tempered.  But, my husband was still nice to me, and Levi was actually in a good mood, and things started to look brighter.  So, I've been thinking about what I'm grateful for today, and my mood has improved.  I like that thoughts can change a day from cruddy to good.

Thoughts like these:

~I married a really sweet fella who still hugs me and tells me he loves me even when I turn into a grumpy, overly emotional pregnant lady who cries at random (and dumb) moments.

~Levi has been kind of grumpy for a couple of days now, but today he's been in a good mood!

~Even better than that second one: Levi is currently napping!!  Naps have become a tad trying lately, and the past two days...oh. my.  Lets just say, Levi without a nap = grumpopotamus.

~The sun is all shiny and beautiful today.  We spent the morning kicking a ball in the yard.  Levi calls it the neighborhood ball.  I'm not sure where he got this, but it's cute.  And, true.  The ball mysteriously appeared...probably from one of the three neighboring yards.

~We have an incredible array of bird life in our backyard.  I'm surprised every time I walk out there.  How is it possible to have more birds in a neighborhood than when we lived out in the country.  I think I need a bird book.  Any suggestions?

~Levi actually took a walk today!  As in on his own two legs without insisting on being in the stroller or being carried.  It was oh so very nice.  He's been scared of walking around our neighborhood since we moved in.  The dogs barking scared him (not sure why since my parents have dogs).  The cars on the road outside of our neighborhood scared him....just the sound of them.  We almost never actually see cars moving inside of our neighborhood.  Everything was new to him, and he's hitting that time where fears are setting in.  But, today he conquered those fears...or at least ignored them.  Today he was fascinated by the street.  The spots on it, rocks on it, green patches of grass and moss on it...the whole thing was mesmerizing to him.  He chased butterflies (and a wasp).  He smelled flowers, and even picked a clover just for me. :)  I think we might attempt another walk after nap time.  It was nice to see those little legs moving.

~I'm getting a car!!!  My parents have been planning to lend us their spare car, but it's been in the shop for months now.  My mom called me this morning to tell me that it was FINALLY out, and they are bringing it to me this weekend.  Thank you!!!  Stephan works 12 hour days for 7 days straight, and he never has more than 3 days off in a row...usually not even that much.  So, spending entire weeks housebound is pretty much enough to drive me and Levi crazy.  Especially since it's Spring, and parks and duck ponds and trips to Nana and Baw-Baw's house are calling us!  Now we'll be able to answer.

Life is good.  Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that.  Especially on days when the pregnancy hormones take over and turn me into the grumpopotamus.


  1. What a fantastic list :) You are right, life is good!

  2. I've had some days like this recently. Yesterday I entirely gave up and just left the house with the kids so they would be in carseats. That sounds mean but trust me, it was for the best. :) We were all much happier with the windows down and the music on and the whining ceased and a destination and plan. Enjoy your car!!!

  3. Woah...such awesome things to turn your mood around...we all get there that's for sure. x

  4. Congrats on the car!!! We're all grumpy every now and then, at least you have a good excuse!

  5. that picture makes me smile... deep in my heart.


  6. I feel you on the grumpy! I definitely have those days!

    It sounds like your life is definitely good. Loving family , naps and a car!

    What more could you want? ( :

  7. Hey, It's so awesome to read how great things are going and hopefully Christ keeps on blessing your family! Tell Stephan I said hey and that I report to Ft. Campbell June 1st. I can't wait to come down and meet the whole family!

    Jessie Odom


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