Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Sunday Wishing

Something tells me that for Mother's Day, I'll be getting nothing but hugs and kiss.  I'm totally okay with that, but still...a gal can dream right?  Since Mother's Day is coming up next month (and I'm just sitting around waiting for my little fella), I thought I'd share some of my dreaming and wishing.  Although, I'd take hugs and kisses over all of this.

I'm currently oohing and aahing over Moon Over Maize's lovely creations.

Like this gorgeous necklace...

Or, these stunning earrings ...

Monica also makes a very cool Home Birth Necklace!

Because I'm pretty crazy about all things yarn.  This cool shop totally has my attention.

Kjoo's Crocheted Earrings are fabulous...

And, since clutches are oh so practical in my life...note of sarcasm...

Red Ruby Rose makes some beauties...

Of course, a knitting needle case would be pretty spiffy too.  I need somewhere to keep the overwhelming number of needles that I've collected.

So, this would be great...

Ha!  But, this hanging needle case would be even better...

Hope y'all have something special coming your way for mother's day...even if it is "just" a whole lotta love.

Oh, and Stephan, you should be thrilled that my retail therapy doesn't entail sending us over budget.  Otherwise, all of these things and maybe more would be on the way to our door.  ;) 



  1. You are too sweet! Thanks so much for the feature. All of your selections are beautiful!

    So happy your little man is coming home soon :)

  2. Ah no harm in a bit of window shopping I say. That top necklace is surely delicious and I'm loving that hanging needle case....might be making one of those!

  3. That first necklace is sticking with me, so pretty! I'll have to go check out her other pieces :)

  4. I love window shopping :)
    We are nothing if we are not dreaming!

  5. Oh my goodness I want that needle organizer, how cool!
    I hope your weekend away from Levi and Stephan was bearable sending you backwards through time hugs. we have had relatives and busyness and I have been a terrible blogger.

  6. You deserve all of those!

    Maybe I should send a blog post hint to my hubby too ( :

    My favorite are those crocheted earrings, very cute!

    Love your taste and choices!

  7. Lovely choices :)

    I hope all went well when your little man came home! You are such a dear :)

  8. I am so in love with that gorgeous clutch!

  9. Oh, that clutch is LOVELY. And that homebirth necklace is gorgeous too...what a great way to share your choice with the world.


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