Sunday, April 11, 2010

Surviving Another One

We survived yet another visitation weekend.  Stephan was actually home...such a rarity around here.  He works most weekends.  I don't think I'll ever get used to Levi being gone for a whole weekend, but having Stephan around definitely helped keep my spirits up.  Although, we both would have rather had Levi with us, it was nice to spend some time as just the two of us.
I was afraid that Levi would be upset that Stephan was here when he got back.  I thought he might feel like Stephan was encroaching on his mommy time, but it was quite the opposite.  Okay, at first he gave Stephan the evil eye.  Have I ever mentioned that Levi is a bit touchy when he gets back from his dads?  Touchy is actually quite the understatement.  Anyway, not long after the cold shoulder treatment, Levi was following Stephan around the backyard in search of creepy crawlies, and then they shared an apple...and a pear...and a bowl of strawberries.  Apparently, Levi was hungry.

Sadly, next weekend will be the same story...minus Stephan because he'll be working.  Uck!  Levi's dad had to switch weekends around this month, so now we're stuck with two in a row. 

P.S. I promise that one day, I won't inform you of every single visitation....maybe.



  1. ((Hugs)) to you, mama.

    Millie has her first slumber party coming up in a month, and it already makes me a little anxious to think about since she's never been away from me for a night before. But she's 6 1/2, and it's her best friend, whose family we just adore.
    All that to say, I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to be away from your little guy for the weekend. Hang in there, I hope it does get easier.

  2. Sending love. It must be so hard. Levi is so very lucky to have such a strong, loving mom.

  3. Sorry to hear he'll be gone 2 weekends in a row, that must be so difficult. I love the pictures of Levi looking for bugs, so cute :-)

  4. You talk about it as often as you need too, hun. I can't imagine being in your shoes. Though I come from divorce, I've never been on your side of it.


  5. Don't apologize!

    I would be upset to HAVE to send my kids away for one weekend, let alone 2 in a row.

  6. That must be hard to be away from your little guy for the whole weekend. I hope next weekend comes and goes quickly for all of you.

  7. It's completely okay with me if you share with us every single visitation!

    I am glad he enjoyed yummy fruit with Stephan!


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