Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crayon Stars

We made a single solitary star crayon. . . .

Star Crayon

Levi decided it was pretty cool to draw on. . .note "on" not "with". . . .

Levi's First Star Crayon

So we made a few more. . . .

Making Star Crayons

And a lovely mess to go with them. . . .

Crayon Making Mess

Two cracked in half as we were removing them, but we still ended up with a nice stack. . . .

Star Crayons

We used this method and this star mold.  It was easy peasy.   And, once Levi caught on that stars were coming out of it, he was all over this one.



  1. I did this with gingerbread men and women molds. They were Christmas decorations for years.

  2. those wrappers are beautiful.
    I find the little things to be so lovely.

  3. So cute! I can't wait until my boy is bigger so we can make some :)

  4. I love that he likes to draw ON them! children are so awesome!

  5. I've been meaning to try to do that with all of our broken crayons! Yours turned out so cute!

  6. Love them! I've also been meaning to do this but haven't. I have some ice cube molds from IKEA that would work nicely.

  7. I love the star mold idea (and the gingerbread men for ornaments)! I've been collecting broken crayons for awhile now...glad to find a tested method. (And, the baby bump is looking good)!

  8. They are so bright and cheery! Love them!

  9. Such a fun project! Maybe you should start an Etsy shop... :)

  10. Very cute :) We are going to make Lego crayons hopefully this weekend. I also have been trying to figure out a way to make crayon rocks. I have a bunch of them but would like to make them myself.

  11. Love it! Such a good way to recycle all those little forgotten crayon pieces!

  12. Awesome! I think this is something that I could actually do, too :)

  13. You're the coolest Mom ever! Seriously, I wish you could be my Mom :)



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