Saturday, April 24, 2010

Halfway There!

Thanks for all of your sweet comments on yesterday's post.  Your kindness and prayers mean a lot to me.  :)  Now back to regularly scheduled blogging...

So this week I hit 20 weeks...the halfway mark!!  I love pregnancy beyond this point.  Don't get me wrong, I was glad to be pregnant during the previous 20 weeks, but pregnancy really gets fun now.
This little munchkin's teeny, tiny feet are already creating visible bumps in my belly when s/he kicks.  Stephan was even able to feel him/her move on incredible!  Sigh.  I'm glad to be a woman.  I think men miss out on the whole carrying a baby thing.  Okay, maybe not in the first trimester, but still, babies are so cool!
Levi is very curious about this growing belly of mine.  He  likes to "feel" the baby.  Although, he has yet to actually feel a kick.  That doesn't seem to bother him though.

Levi Feeling the Baby

Levi Hugging the Baby

Levi feeling the baby kick

I think Levi is well on his way to being an awesome big brother.  He's already "reading" to the baby...

Levi "reading" to the baby

He takes his job very seriously.

Ha! Levi just woke up, took a look at a couple of these photos, and recognized me from my belly.  "That's mama!!" followed by, "It's a baby!!  I need to see de baby!  I need to kiss it!"  :-)



  1. He's such a sweetie and will surely make an awesome big brother!

    Enjoy the middle trimester!

  2. Levi will, indeed, be a great big brother. He is so sweet.

  3. I love belly shots!!!!

    That is so precious, reading to baby.

    And I love his comments at the end!

  4. How cute! I loved the 20 week mark! With both Violet and Abram, I had a little party to celebrate making it without killing anyone :-)

  5. picture number 2 is oozing with sweetness and love.
    beautiful! :)

  6. Such sweet boy and belly pics. :)

  7. Such sweet photos!!! He will be so in love once the baby comes :)
    (and you're right, the second half brings alls the fun!)

  8. He's a real sweetie! He'll make a wonderful big brother.

  9. So cute. I enjoyed being pregnant too. I'm sort of sad I'll never be pregnant again. :(

  10. wow half way!!!!
    How exciting!
    aww he is going to make a great big brother!

  11. I think he is just very excited to the upcoming family member. God bless you.

  12. 20 weeks... how is that possible?! You're so beautiful.


  13. Aww that is so beautiful this kid is definite awesome big brother material. Good to see you back to. I was hoping you were ok last week it's weird when someone's words that you are used to having around just vanish. I will continue to sent little prayers up to God that Levi will find some peace with your new arrangement. *hugs*

  14. you have got the sweetest big brother on your hands!

  15. So sweet! I think my son could take a few lessons from Levi in loving a younger sibling... Just saying.... I can't believe you're halfway there already! Awesome.


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