Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Conversation Overheard

Conversation overheard between a couple in the baby section of Target.  (They apparently had decided to divide and conquer when it came to their baby registry.  They bumped into each other with scanner guns in hand):

Man: "Hey honey, how's it going?"
Woman: "Great!  I've scanned 362 items!"
Man: "What???!!!!!  What baby needs that much stuff?!!!"
Woman (rolling eyes): "Oh, honey, we need all of it!"

I am not making this up!  362 items!!!  Really.  I came this close to stopping her, and saying, ", dear, not only do babies not need it all, you will be pulling out your hair trying to store it all."  I didn't, though.  I just chuckled a bit, and walked on.  

It reminded me of my first visit to Babies R Us.  My mother accompanied me...thank the good Lord.  The minute I walked in I wasn't sure whether to run and hide or just stand there and cry.  I was so overwhelmed by all the stuff.  I turned to my mom and said, "Do babies need all of this?"  Being a practical woman (who raised kids before the advent of mega baby stores), she said, "No."  And, steered me in the appropriate directions...away from the frivolous crud.  I walked away with just enough...okay, I might have splurged on a few little extras...but, nothing overwhelming and nothing regretful.

I like the minimalist approach to baby shopping.  How about you?  What are your thoughts on baby "stuff"?



  1. I so agree. I remember standing in front of the Wall O Baby Bottles at BRUs and wanting to cry.

    My top ten: diapers (duh), baby carrier, monitor, a swing or bouncy (not both, but sometimes you need to put the baby somewhere safe while you tend to their siblings), nail clippers, mobile, boppy, car seat (duh), lots of burp cloths and a few toys for chewing on.

    But 362? Too much.

  2. We had the following:

    Burp Cloths
    top and tail bowl
    baby bath-waste of money!
    baby grows
    bouncy chair
    cellular blankets
    car seat
    nail clippers
    a couple of rattles

    i dont think you need anything else! With baby no2 all we will buy new is some baby vests and new onesies!

  3. I remember being quite fascinated but also overwhelmed at all the STUFF at Babies R Us. I had no idea what I really needed and what I didn't. Now that I have my son, I definitely think less is more!

  4. I have always been a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff....its the toddler things are a different story LOL

    We co-sleep,breastfeed(extended now),cloth diaper, baby wear and bunch of other AP type parenting stuff. I found the best investment I got was my MT carrier. I did go a little over board on cloth diapers/wool but quickly realized that prefolds were the best and simplest.

    I will say I am pretty bad at buying books and I justify it because we HS LOL

  5. I don't have little ones yet, but I gotta say, my 20+ years of babysitting has taught me that you really don't need all that stuff. More is just... well, more. I never understood why broken toys that weren't played with were kept forever, why clothes four sizes too small were still in the drawers, why guilt - a useless emotion - would direct what stayed because nothing ever was tossed out. I leanred it doesn't make my life easier, doesn't make the kid happier, it will cost me - in time, energy, AND money. I think the one place I will have a problem will be books. I'm right there with Roxanna. jack justifies by saying we will have a library.

  6. I don't understand those HUGE diaper bags. Our usual run around bag is a small canvas one. It's just large enough for a change of clothes, a few diapers, and a pack of wipes.

    My necessities beyond absolute basics were; the pack n play with bassinet, my wrap, the nasal bulb we got at the hospital, medicine dropper, and sleep sacks. Of course we have tons of books too and I think the toys procreate. I go through them, donate or pitch, and the next thing I know the containers appear to be overflowing again.

  7. I TOTALLY freaked out when i went to BRU the first time! SO MUCH STUFF!

    Yes, there are many things that we have and don't use, and a few things that we didn't think to get that we have needed. But we just had to learn it ourselves. We definitely listened to the advice of others and took their advice into consideration, but in the end, we bought what we wanted! :-)If I had to do it over, I would have gotten less, but there's just no way I would have known then what I know now.

  8. Oh my goodness, that's too funny about that couple in Target. Craziness.

    We definitely try to keep it minimal around here. We've never owned a crib, but as we now have several children, we do use a pack n play at times just to keep baby safe from older siblings!

    But my opinion is that you really don't need MOST of the stuff that's out there. Essentials: Diapers, clothes, a good sling, and a nursing mama doesn't even have to have bottles, pump, etc.

  9. Ha!! Oh and a sling...that's all.... x

  10. With our first we got swept up, then used the sling, our bed and a few items I made.

    We have been minimalist and second hand shoppers since!

  11. I don't even know what half that stuff in baby superstores is. What are you supposed to do with it all? And where would you put it? And how would you ever find time to use it all before the baby outgrew it?

  12. I never got into the over board baby buying thing with any of my kids. That being said, if I would have had a girl I think I would have gone bonkers.


  13. not only that, but I found out about resale children's stores only after I had my child. I could have saved hundreds. Hundreds! on buying barely used baby stuff.

    dangit, I missed the book giveaway too. stupid knitting project kept me away from computer.

  14. Definitely a minimalist!
    You can find some great stuff at second hand shops and craigslist!

    I love handmade pieces too! I can seriously search for that perfect baby item on Etsy for hours!

  15. 362 items? Oh my! We are definitely minimalists when it comes to baby gear. Give me an ERGO, a nursing nightgown, and a mattress protector...and I'm good to go. :)

  16. P.S. Are YOU registered anywhere?


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