Friday, December 30, 2011


I think I should get extra points for posting these before the New Year. :) Christmas was pretty low key. We had planned to go to church, but that got nixed when Sophia woke up with a nasty stomach bug. We opened presents at our house first, and by mid-morning she seemed to be over the worst of it.

My parents probably regret telling us to come on over. We passed the illness on to them, but we had lots of fun in the mean time. We spent the afternoon eating, hanging out, and opening more presents.

Sophia got some bows. She loves them, but she insists on putting them on all by herself which means she almost never makes it out of the house with one actually in her hair.

I think Aunt Annie's presents trumped all the others for Levi. she gave him Woody and Bullseye. Generally, I do a big eye roll over character toys and start scheming ways to land them in the Goodwill bin, buuuuut Levi is nutso bananas over those two. Annie even asked before she bought them. How could I say no. Do you see that grin?

New Year's Eve is fast upon us now, and my one goal (more like hope, wish, prayer) is that everyone gets well and stays well for awhile. Over the past few months, the kids have gone through two rounds of stomach bugs, numerous colds, and some weird two day illness. Stephan and I have managed to (so far) avoid the stomach bugs, but we've gotten the other illnesses. That just seems like a lot for 3 months. I'm ready for a little wellness around here.

Hope y'all had a very merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Well, hello there. I'm kind of shocked that I went over a month without blogging. It's so unlike me....and through December too! Gasp. 

There's really not much to share. With the exceptions of growing a baby bump and keeping my other children alive, I did absolutely nothing throughout the whole month of December. I didn't even knit...or sew...or cut out a snowflake. I don't think I even did laundry. My husband rocks by the way. 

I'm 14 weeks along now and finally starting to get some energy. Also, I'm impatiently waiting to feel those first flutters. I felt them at 14 weeks with Levi and Sophia (super early, I know), so I admit that I fully expected the same thing to happen with this one. So far, nothing. There's still a few days for the little one to follow in his/her siblings' footsteps. We'll see.

So, how were Thanksgiving and Christmas? Mine were low key, but nice. Well, Sophia did wake up throwing up at 1 am on Christmas morning. Not so nice. She recovered enough by mid-morning to still enjoy the day, but then she passed the illness on to my parents. Oops. There aren't many Christmas photos, but I'll post a few soon.

Hope y'all are having a lovely post-Christmas week!