Sunday, April 25, 2010

Portrait By Levi

Levi is beyond fascinated by all things photography.  It's inevitable that at some point all of his toys become cameras.  He holds them up to his face, grins the biggest, most amazing grin, and says "I take pictures!"  When I took the photos from yesterday's post, Levi was itching to take some of his own.  Since it was just my old point and shoot, I decided to let him have a go of it.  (I not so secretly want a new one anyway.)  Of course, most of the pics ended up being of the blue wall or his lap, but I thought this one was pretty passable for a two year old...

Levi's Portraits of His Pregnant Mama

If I do get the camera that I really, really want (I know, like a Rebel isn't enough!), then I'm giving this old point and shoot to Levi.  Well, giving might be a strong word for it.  I'll let him use it under supervision until he's a tad older.

And, for future reference, I've bookmarked this pinhole camera tutorial.  How cool is that?!! 


  1. My boys love to take pictures too...hey, I think his picture of you is pretty rad! Is that your preggo belly I see there? You're adorable.


  2. Love it! Levi is an artist. My son likes taking pictures too -- usually of his own nose.

  3. I think these are some of the pictures you will treasure most when he gets's sometimes hard to recreate their behavior from pictures of them, but a picture THEY took? Memorable. Plus, what a cool task to "assign" him when the baby gets here...he can be the one who needs to take lots of photos - lots of buy-in! (Love those baby kicks...definitely makes the labor part completely worth it).

  4. I love looking at photos taken by kids...their view point is so different and adorable!


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