Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Easter Belly

My sister, Annie, was sweet enough to do a little baby belly photo shoot this weekend.  If you want to see more you can go to my flickr page. 
I don't think it's grown much since week 14...of course there's always the chance that I could be lying to myself.  In that case, please, don't burst my bubble.  :) 

17 Weeks

She even caught a little big brother sweetness...

17 Weeks

By the way, we are on week number 17 now.  And, this baby is shaping up to be much like the bigger munchkin.  S/he is definitely a mover.  S/he's gone well past fluttering and straight into teeny weeny pokes, kicks, and jabs.  Sigh.  I just love, love, love it.

So far we've only managed to pick out a girl name.  We can't agree on a boy name...for that matter we also can't agree on the color of our living room.  Yikes.  Luckily, we don't get too feisty over it.  We're just left with no resolution.  Ha.  My mother has even gotten in on the naming action.  She sends me suggestions via facebook.  Still no luck. 

We've had two appointments with our midwife, and can I just say that I love the whole midwife experience?!  I feel so much more at ease this go round.  There's no one politely telling me that I'm being dumb for not wanting an epidural, drugs, and an episiotomy.  Instead our midwife is joyful about birth.  Don't get me wrong my doctor was sweet and happy, but not joyful about the actual process of birth.  She seemed much happier with surgery than with vaginal birth.  Run, if you have one of those OB's. 

One of the coolest perks of a homebirth is that you can opt to have all of your visits at home.  This, y'all, is a wonderful thing.  I cannot imagine trying to wrangle Levi in a waiting room monthly and later weekly.  There just aren't enough crayons in the western hemisphere to keep this boy in one place for that long that often.  He'd be screaming to go outside or to ride in the car...anything not to be stuck in a room full of strangers.

As far as how I'm feeling goes...uck...is the fatigue ever going to end?  With Levi I had plenty of energy by this point.  Granted, I wasn't chasing Levi then either.  I'm guessing munchkin chasing has more to do with it than the munchkin cookin' inside of me.  Morning sickness is, thankfully, long gone.  I thought it was going to last forever.  However, dry eyes and super dry skin...those seem to be here for the long haul.  Oh, and, I might be a tad overly emotional with this one...just a tad.  Poor Stephan!  He actually deals very well with the sudden springing up of tears and slight moodiness.  Luckily that seems to be slowly but surely leaving as well. 

Really, I shouldn't complain.  I'm happy to be well into the second trimester.  The first is not my cup of tea.  In fact I downright just plain ole' don't like it.  But, the second trimester...fatigue and all is starting to look much brighter.



  1. When I was carrying Steve, he played soccer with my bladder for what seemed the whole 9 months. Constantly. Not stop.
    I'm so happy for you both.

  2. Oh this is so exciting, Madeline. I love walking on pregnancy journeys with my friends.

    You look incredible.


  3. I was much more tired with Kimber Lee than with Anna Cate and I know it is because I couldn't stop and plop on the couch. I had a big girl to chase around the second time around! I am glad you like your midwife and am sorry your OB had that attitude. I am fortunate mine jived with what I wanted too...both times.

  4. You are SO beautiful! I love the belly/kiss shot!

    I can't wait to hear more on your midwife/homebirth experience. If we decide to have another baby I am leaning towards that route. I (although being a nurse myself) have not had the most pleasant birthing experiences. I refused an IV, and epidural and peeing in a cup during labor, and felt like they thought I was a crazy over controlled nurse.

    I had to look at your pictures again! Your face is glowing!!!

  5. You look really lovely, and I love the dress!!

    Working with a midwife is so nice, isn't it?

  6. Yay for looking so fabulous and that you adore your midwife!

  7. I loved having midwives :) We didn't go the home birth route, but I'm so envious of all of you who are! I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to have the comforts of home for not only the appointments, but for the entire labor and delivery. Amazing :) You look fabulous!

  8. You look beautiful and happy! Yay!

    My input on boy names: Caleb, Carter, Wyatt, Anthony, or Philip?


  9. You look radiant. Love your dress.
    Midwives are the best.
    Praying you have a happy healthy birth at home I'm So excited for you. ;)

  10. Hooray for midwives that are in it to win it WITH YOU! I am SO glad we pulled out of the OB when we did and found our angel of a midwife. The OB office was so rude when I called to transfer my records. Like I was being a irresponsible mother. Awful.

    Also, hooray for looking beautiful! :) I hope that you have the energy to grow a little one and chase after your other 'baby'.

    I already can't believe how much my little dude has grown in 8 weeks, it's insane!

  11. Aren't midwives the best? Now that I've had the midwife "experience," I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to an OB.

    P.S. You look radiant. And I love your dress!


  12. Gorgeous...you look gorgeous. Loving your dress here too. What a wonderful experience for you this time around...birthing at home...so excited for you.

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  14. Oh so beautiful you must be so excited. I love the photo of Levi with his tiny sibling he'll make such a good big brother.

  15. you look SOOOO beautiful! pregnancy is your thing, lady. i'm so happy to be catching up on your latelies and hearing about how lovely your life is right now. you make me want to be pregnant!

  16. You look amazing in your pregnancy.


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