Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh, Yes, She Did!

My sister has been talking about dying her hair some crazy color for months now.  Well, she did it...

And, as far as blue-green hair goes, I think it looks pretty cute.  Actually, it kinda makes me want to dye mine pink.  Kinda...not really. 

P.S. Annie, Your hair no longer matches your eyes...which is a cool family trait that has been passed on to Levi.   Right along with his eyes turning green when he cries...just like yours.  However, I do hope the need to dye one's hair strange colors is not genetic.  :)


  1. As if you can really talk. I seem to remember one time when I tried to help you dye your hair pink. :) Love you.

  2. :) Ha! Yeah, that was a bit of a fail.

  3. I think it's cute second photo especially. Lani's been on at me to dye my hair as I made it black last time and she thinks it's to dark, I'm alowd pink, purple or orange according to her.

  4. Oh I love the idea of dying it pink. Maybe even just a stripe or two. I've personally, always wanted a few electric purple stripes in mine.

  5. Woohoo...brave girl...great colour! Love to see you in pink Madeline. ;)


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