Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am not a hairdresser.
It's sad but true.
This story should prove it once and for all.

Levi's hair was getting really, really long.  His bangs were beginning to grow into his eyes.  On Monday, he kept shrieking, and saying, "Wuz wong wid my eyes?!!!"  Followed by intense eye rubbing.  I figured something had to be done.  So, like any crazy decent mama I grabbed the only pair of scissors I could find.  They were children's craft scissors with purple handles....sorry kiddo.  
This was the result...

Cute Even With a Bad Haircut

Hey, at least the hair is out of his eyes now. 
Nanno is coming over on Thursday to fix the disaster.  Lucky for her, I stopped at his bangs.  This mama knows her limits.
I still think he's pretty darn cute even with the bad do'...

Cute Even With a Bad Haircut



  1. I love this :)
    It once took us three haircuts to finally get a decent cut on my son... but I refuse to take him in someplace that will cut it too short and charge too much! So we do it at home... and I just cross my fingers and pray that messy haircuts are "in."

  2. Nothing a little mousse can't fix! ;)

    Little boys are so cute and rough-n-tumble at the same time, that I don't think it really matters what their hair looks like.

  3. Ha! So funny! There isn't anything that takes the cuteness from this boy!

  4. I'm actually not to bad. I had a cocker spaniel as a child and that poor dog was experimented on so many times, she had so much hair. My problems come from the child herself I spent ages carefully layering Lilly's hair one day and was quite proud of my efforts then the very same afternoon she cut two large chunks out of it one above each ear. No hair dresser could help with that and it's still growing out.

  5. I'm too chicken to cut my son's hair. He goes to the barber with his dad. The girls don't get their hair cut! :)

  6. Boys can carry off about anything. You should see some of the haircuts my husband has done on my boys!


  7. Hahaha! Good thing he is so cute it almost looks like a trendy hairstyle. I tried to trim Clark's neckline with clippers once and he wiggled. Instead of a nice clean hairline on his neck it was insanely crooked and way too high. It grew out but I was so embarrassed.

  8. So many of my friends cut their kids hair and I am way too chicken too try it. I don't think you did a bad job though!


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