Friday, March 19, 2010

Ick, Ack, and Ugh

Levi is off for his first full weekend visitation.  I'm trying to convince myself that I should do something productive.  First, of course, I'll have to convince myself that moping about the house all weekend is not productive.  I've tried to prepare myself for this all week.  I made a keep-myself-busy-list in my head, but now I don't remember any of it.  I think it had to do with crafting and some home improvement stuff.

I had plans to go to some garage sales tomorrow morning.  I'm taking Stephan to work, so I'll at least have the car.  Hmmm....I'm slowly talking myself out of actually getting out of bed in the morning.  Oh. my. I was finally sort of kind of getting used to Levi being gone for the one night.  I was at least capable of getting a few things done while he was away.  Now it has to go and change up, and I'm back to being Miss Mopey.  I feel like I'm missing a major appendage when he's gone.


Okay, snapping out of it...sort least pretending to.  What was on that to do list?......

If I can find my crochet needles, I might make this.  Levi is nuts about stars.  He'd pretty much think I hung the moon if I made him one.

Oh, speaking of needles, I forgot to update y'all on the double pointed needle adventure.  It was a success...mostly.  I mean I used them.  A hat was made...and it actually looked good.  Unfortunately, I'm terrible with instructions, so the hat was a miniature of what it was supposed to be.  Darn that gauge!!  If this munchkin is a boy, he will have a hat.  If it's a girl, I'll slap a flower on it, and she will still have a hat.  Levi, however, is without a new hat.  Oh, well.  It's need for wool hats.  As far as photos go...sorry.  I've meant to take one all week but haven't.  Maybe next week.

So, wish me luck on the whole productive instead of mopey weekend thing.  M'kay?  Does a hot bath, pajamas, and blog reading count as productive?



  1. aww I can only imagine.
    Hang in there!

    awesome videos!

  2. totally off the subject of your post, but.....
    i really like your new blog header! spring-y and beautiful.

  3. Aw, hang in there mama. Whatever nourishes you this weekend, go for it.

    That little star is so cute...I need to learn how to crochet!

  4. nahh, don't stress about being productive.
    I'd agree whole heartedly that a hot bath, preferably with bubbles! blogging....and pj's sounds perfect. How about making a big Sunday morning breakfast? That's a favorite in our house!

    Whatever you do, enjoy enjoy enjoy.

    LOVE !

  5. Productive or not, just do what feels right. I hope it goes well for you and Levi.

  6. Nope. You've gotta let go of productive. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK WOMAN! How about aiming for something more akin to 'distracting'? Hang in there Mrs.

  7. Nope. You've gotta let go of productive. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK WOMAN! How about aiming for something more akin to 'distracting'? Hang in there Mrs.

  8. garage sales would totally get you out of your rut. i love them. i'm addicted to them. so much that since my hubby has to work today - and i have the girls - i can't go... but it's ok. i went yesterday.

    yes. i go garage saleing on fridays.

  9. I say YES to the hot bath, pajamas, and blog reading! (and it's okay to mope too...perfectly understandable, if you ask me).

    Hope the time passes productively and peacefully for you.

  10. Wishing you a great weekend filled with stars!


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