Saturday, March 6, 2010

Photo Surprise

My friend, Martha, sent me a lovely little surprise email with photos from the wedding.  She's actually the first friend to email pictures...hint, hint...I saw all those cameras flashing.
Here are a few of my faves...
The Bride and Groom-Photo by Martha
The cake was very special to me.  It's a pile of made-by-my-mama cream puffs.  I have fond childhood memories of her making giant cream puffs.  The funny thing is that she probably only made them two or three times in my life, but, boy, did those memories stick like glue!
Wedding Cake- Photo by Martha
I'm so glad to have some snow eating photos!!  Levi was hilarious about the snow.  He still talks about his snow.  "Where's my snow?"  Followed by a sad voice, "My snow gone."  Awww.  And, to think, it's highly possible that he might not see snow that sticks for a few more years.
Levi Eating Snow-Photo by Martha

Oh, and, yes, he did wear those galoshes down the aisle.  He's worn them every day for about a month now.  They are two sizes too big for him, but he totally doesn't care.  He also screamed all the way down the aisle and during the first part of the ceremony.  My dad convinced him to relinquish his death grip on my hair by telling him he could go outside.  Martha's husband, Bob, took over from there and helped him make sculptures with sticks in the snow.

Thanks, Martha!



  1. What a lovely photo of the two of you! Levi is just so funny about him screaming during the ceremony!

  2. What a beautiful couple!! :)
    And I love the cream puff cake, what a great way to honor memories.

  3. What a beautiful wedding! Just by looking at pictures it feels like home.

  4. I kept meaning to stop by and see/hear all the wedding news but I also thought you'd be - I don't know - having a bloggy rest? Pah! Loads of stuff to catch up on! Excellent Teven survived the changing of the rotter nappy (x5) and wonderful pics of the newly weds. My hearty congratulations to you all. (can't BELIEVE you've taken on the renovation and poor poor Uncle)...

  5. lovely photo of you two, you look so radiant and happy! xxx

  6. i adore the snow eating photo!

  7. just beautiful I love your bouquet how unique

  8. A beautiful photo of the two of you! I can't wait to see more.

    Congrats again on your nuptials.

  9. Oh I am loving finally catching up on your wedding's been too long and I've been too busy! Little Levi eating the snow is just adorable!!

  10. I'm just catching up. These pictures by Martha are just PRECIOUS! Wow. Love you! Mom


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