Friday, March 5, 2010

Double Oh. My.

My wonderful uncle who just finished installing my beautiful bedroom floor decided to fix my roof as well.  He found some messed up patches while he was blowing leaves from it yesterday.....
He went outside and onto the roof. 

I unloaded and loaded the dishes.

Levi sat by the living room window watching. 

There was clattering and thudding...but, I didn't think anything of it.  I've heard clattering and thudding all week.  Then I heard, "Madeline!!"  Still unconcerned, I walked to the door.  My uncle is known for his pranks, so, quite honestly, I wasn't at all startled to see him lying on the ground.  He didn't look hurt.  Even when he told me he'd fallen off the roof, I still thought he must be joking. 
But, oh, no.  He wasn't joking.
He fell feet first and broke his leg.  He also hit his head.  Luckily the head injury wasn't too bad...other than producing quite a knot.
He wouldn't let me call 911 which was of course my initial reaction once I realized this wasn't a big prank.  Instead I got him ice, got Levi dressed, and hunted down a neighbor to help me get my very bummed up uncle into the truck.  What a way to meet the neighbors, huh?  I think a batch of cookies is in order!
I finally got my uncle to the ER.  They were very quick about getting him checked in and seen to.  Falling off the roof pretty much guarantees prompt service.  After an x-ray, they determined that surgery would be necessary, but the swelling has to go down first.  He is currently on his way home to rest before the surgery.  So, prayers would be appreciated.  It sounds like he has a pretty rotten few weeks ahead of him.  We are all just so glad he's doing alright.
And, just because I'm a proud mama:  Levi was such a trooper through the whole thing.  He was so calm and did everything he was asked to do.  I was, quite frankly, a tad surprised...especially since it was lunchtime and he hadn't eaten yet when we hit the road.  Not to mention nap time was looming.  But, there were no meltdowns...just sweetness...exactly when it was most needed. He kept asking about Uncle Larry the rest of the afternoon..."He fell?"  "He had go to de hospital?"


  1. Oh dear..I'm sorry to hear about his broken leg and surgery, but thank goodness the knock to the head wasn't too serious.

    How scary. It's amazing how kids tend to know when things aren't good and behave themselves.

    I'll keep him in my thoughts.

  2. How frightening! Oh that is so scary. I always worry about Adam when he's up on our roof.


  3. Oh my goodness!!! What a day!
    Your uncle will be in my thoughts tonight.

  4. that must have been so frightening! Best wishes to your Uncle xx

  5. oh how awful! at least Levi was a good boy for you. Hope your Uncles leg gets better soon.

  6. Oh, your poor uncle! I hope his legs heal quickly and as painlessly as possible.


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