Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Lovely Day And An Installation Of Sorts

We've had a rough couple of days.  The weather has been dreary, and me spending yesterday in a foul mood certainly didn't help.  Apparently the mood was contagious because Levi woke up with it this morning.  It seems to be a one day thing, so hopefully he'll shake it.  Actually, I've got my fingers crossed that he'll shake it by the time he wakes up from his nap!

But, Monday was really lovely.  We spent loads of time outside and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Levi has taken to driving sticks into the ground next to our driveway.  He's created quite a cool little installation out there.

Levi's Sticks

We also found a little something in one of those egg of sorts?  I'm sure we've essentially killed it by removing it from the stick...sorry, little dude.


Hope y'all are having a grand week...with less dreariness than us.  I do think I spy some sunshine peeking through my window...wouldn't that be swell?


  1. it looks a lot like a tomato horn worm getting ready to turn into a moth. If it wiggles a little bit when you touch it you probably have not killed it.

  2. Loving the new look!

  3. I just read your having a baby!!! Definitely sunshine!!!


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