Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I've fallen behind on the Levi sleeping with strange objects posts, and it's probably going to stay that way.  Generally, now that barefoot munchkin #2 is on the way, I crash as soon as he does.  But the other day, Levi insisted on taking a bag of raisins to bed with him.  I couldn't help but glue my eyes open to take a photo of this one.

My suggestion to put the bag of raisins away was met with:
More shrieking.
Then a slightly calmer, "I take them night-night."
Me:  "Well, alrighty then."

Levi Asleep With Raisins



  1. I always giggle when I see pictures like this :) Sometimes it's just not worth the fight (coming from someone who has let the kids sleep with just about anything they wanted to... big monster trucks and piles of books and bowls of food....)

  2. I was expecting to see the fire truck. What are you going to do if he asks to take the new baby "night night".

  3. Levi makes me smile!


  4. This is what attracted me to come back to your blog. Levi reminds me of my son when I see these pictures, Jeremiah would do the same thing. He would keep the item with him all night (in his hands), and wake up asking for it if it wasn't there.

    Is this a boy thing??


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