Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thinking Back

This pregnancy is so very, very different from my pregnancy with Levi.  But, there's one similarity that I cherish.  Both of these munchkins kicked on the same week....lucky number 14.  I think with Levi that would have been around May or early June.  I had been awake for a few minutes, but I was still lying in bed enjoying the way the light was pouring through the window.  The stillness of the morning was so very nice....and, then I felt this flutter like a butterfly had been let loose inside of me.  I thought for sure I must be imagining things, but I felt it again.  I knew it was him in there.  Floating around and kicking to his hearts content.  If I had to make a list of unforgettable moments in my life this would be near the top...right behind the first moment I laid eyes on my sweet little boy.  
It wasn't long before the flutters turned to full fledged kicks and then to complete acrobatic workouts.  Oh. my. stars.  This child could not have moved any more than he did.  He was almost never still, and I loved every moment of it....okay, I didn't love the hiccups, but other than that movement was bliss.
Now we're on to baby number two.  Where does time go?  This one's movements took me by surprise.  I thought for sure I wouldn't feel this little one so early.  I mean, really, what a fluke to feel them at 14 weeks!  But, then, one day, I was sitting at the computer browsing through blogs, and oh. What was that?  Sweetness!  Little tiny baby flutters. 
Sigh.  I just love it.  I've felt those fluttery kicks once more since then.  I wonder if s/he will be a mover like big brother was.  I hope so.  With all of the differences I hope this one thing stays the same...minus the hiccups.  Poor Levi was plagued with them even after he entered the world.

When did you feel your babies move?  I'm so curious. 



  1. My pregnancies with Clark and Alice were like night and day. This one has been like a more intense version of my pregnancy with Clark. Boy, girl, boy... just something to think about. ;-)

  2. Oh, and mine moved at different times. With Clark it was about 16 weeks that I was sure of what I was feeling. With Alice I had an anterior placenta and it came later. This time it was 15 weeks. :)

  3. I felt all three of mine between 14-16 weeks. Feeling babies move in my belly will always be my most favorite sensation. I actually liked when my babies had the hiccups. It made me laugh and rub my belly. My oldest was definitely the much so she required an emergent C-section because of the cord around her neck. Not usually something that requires a C-section, but she was really, really, really squirmy and wrapped it around herself well. She's also the one that had the hiccups the most, in utero and after. I think my husband liked those times with the hiccups because he would be sure to feel the baby instead of being "too late" to feel.

    I already miss being pregnant. Sigh. But we are done.

  4. I can't remember how many weeks pregnant I was (I'm terrible like that), but the first time I ever felt those butterflies, I was in a meeting in London with nine blokes - one of whom is the most celebrated architect in the UK, another a fabulous designer, all the others rising stars filled with career ambition. I let out a little squeak!

  5. As you probably know, I didn't love being pregnant (I was sick. SO sick.).

    BUT...I DID love the marvelous miraculousness of it all. And I DID love feeling the baby move inside of me. I don't remember how many weeks along I was, but I do remember that it was earlier than everyone said it would be...

  6. I don't remember exactly what week either! But, I do know, it was the most magnificent thing!

    When I was pregnant with my second, Jeremiah (my oldest) would place something on my belly and watch till baby kicked inside of me, this would knock the item down.....he would love this!!!

    I am sure Levi would love it too!

  7. I was about the same as you with Jemima and this one. But with Caleb I had to wait until about 20 weeks. I was so pleased once I felt him wriggling in there.


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