Sunday, March 21, 2010

Waiting For Six

That whole idea of a productive weekend was shot.  Instead I opted for retail therapy....and, even maybe some junk food indulgence. Today, I'm still in my pjs.  I'm thinking a hot bath and some crocheting are in order as I count down the hours till my little guy gets home. 
When I say that I opted for retail therapy, I'm talking about a whole entire day of it.  However, unhealthy it may be, shopping does at least provide distraction.  I did indeed go to garage sales.  After I hit every garage sale in town with no luck, I stopped back at the house to pick up Stephan for a quick jaunt to an estate sale then off to work with him.  After a morning of lucklessness I was glad to stumble upon a large frame for only $2.50!!  I have plans to make a chalkboard out of it for Levi. 
After dropping off Stephan, I headed out for the thrift stores where I also found a whole lotta unusual.  Don't go thinking all this lucklessness was ruining my day or anything.  I still enjoy browsing through piles of stuff I'd never in a million years want in hopes that maybe just maybe I'll find some lovely treasure.  I know I'm not the only one of my kind out there.  Going through junk is fun, right? ;)
Oooo....I almost forgot, I rediscovered a flea market.  I know.  How could I "lose" it in the first place.  Really, I thought it wasn't around anymore.  I'm not usually in that area on Saturday, and the past few times that I was I didn't see anything going on.  I figured it had just fizzeled out in the last few years.  But, y'all it was hoppin' yesterday.  There were vendors out the wazoo.  I definitely want to take Stephan back there.  They had loads of stuff I think he would like.  As far as what I bought...not much.  Mostly I just enjoyed browsing.  I did pick up a fabulous wooden firetruck for Levi.  Because he so needs another fire truck.  Ha.  He'll be thrilled though.  Even if this does make it his 3rd or is that his 4th fire truck?   And, there was a sweet couple selling empanadas, which are a kind of meat pie.  I got the chicken.  It was super yummy.  They fry them right in front of you and have different dipping sauces available.  Yum.  I told you.  It was a junk food kind of day.
After all of that, I still didn't feel like going home and staring at walls or attempting to busy myself, so I kept shopping. 
I just hit the regular stores.  Oh, except for the consignment shop on the way to the "regular" shops....cute maternity pants for a whopping dollar!!  Score.  I actually found some pretty fabulous deals at Hobby Lobby and Target too.  I had been looking for summer clothes for Levi all day to no avail.  Luckily Target had some cute stuff for super cheap since the thrift stores were such a flop.   And, at Hobby Lobby, I finally found some curtain fabric for Levi's room, and it was on sale! 
Overall, it was a nice distracting day.  Then I got home...and it hit me that I'd have to spend one more night without my kiddo.  Uck.  I'm not liking this.  Thankfully, there's only a little more than 6 hours to go.  I can't wait.


  1. All of the shopping sounds like fun, yes, going through junk IS fun! Sorry you're missing your little guy so much :-( It won't be long until he's home though.

  2. fried food. shopping. a bath.

    that sums up a perfect day off!!


    although i do like fried food more in theory, not application.

  3. So excellent Levi has a new cuddly something to take to bed. Hope that homecoming was one sweet thing.

  4. you can never have too many fire trucks. If you are making a black board you can use sheet metal for the board and paint it with black board paint then it is also magnetic.


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