Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend Loves

We have a fun weekend planned despite the forecast of rain, rain, and more rain, so I'm extra happy to see this Friday roll around. How about y'all? Any fun weekend adventures planned?

Here are a few links to get Friday off to a good start...

: : I'm slowly switching over to safe cosmetics. The Skin Deep Cosmetics Database has been a great help. I recently tossed my old nail polish and traded it out for Acquarella in Prissy.I looove it...dries fast, no smell, and it didn't need any touch ups for a week!

: : When I had Sophia I swore I wouldn't try to add barrette making to the crafty to do list, but these are sooooo tempting.

: : I definitely think this bow board will be made soon. The bow collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger now that she has enough hair.

: : Here is a post with links at the bottom to some good ideas for keeping a Christ centered Easter.

: : This is a great guide for handling tantrums and meltdowns.

: : And, here is a list of breastfeeding-friendly children's books.  (There are also more book suggestions in the comments.)

Happy Weekend Y'all!!

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  1. Loved that guide for handing tantrums! And those barrettes are too cute! You absolutely MUST make some. I know they are on my to do list now too :)


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