Monday, March 26, 2012

Everyday Blessings

This week I'm thanking God for...

: : Whole days spent outside digging in dirt.

: : New life springing up.

: : Flowers thrust into my face by small hands.

: : A sweet boy teaching his sister to ride a tricycle.

: : Sunshine soaking into our souls.

: : New words spoken by a small yet spunky voice.

: : An escape to the cypress swamp.

: : Homemade popsicles waiting in the freezer for tomorrow.

: : The sewing machine getting a little use after months of neglect.

: : And, a husband who is kinder than words could express.

What have you been blessed by this week?


  1. Is that your backyard? It looks so pretty and peaceful!

    1. It's my parents' front yard. It really is a peaceful place. We love it there!

  2. So many blessings!! I love these posts (secretly I love all of your posts)! :)

    And YUM to the homemade popsicles!

  3. What kind of popsicles did you make? We just got a new maker and I'm in need of recipes/ideas.


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