Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nesting Has Hit My Knitting Basket

You know that nesting is happening full force when I organize my knitting basket. I should have taken a before photo. I had my stuff randomly piled into two baskets....already finished patterns, projects in need of blocking, 7 needles no longer in use, leftover yarn, and even a couple of kiddo toys were tossed into the mix. It's no wonder I bought new markers recently. Hard to find such tiny things in such a big mess. I even found a little bag to hold my knitting notions and a tiny box for corralling those itty bitty markers. No more hunting around.
Note that there is only one project in there. That must be remedied asap. I try to keep the chaos down by only working on two to three projects at a time, but I think one is a bit too minimalist. I enjoy switching back and forth a bit. The other day I bought some pink yarn. Everything that I've made for this baby has been very boyish looking. My attempts at gender neutral were a complete flop. I'm thinking a few girly items need to be thrown into the mix just in case. But, now, what to make? I've made a couple of these, and I bought the yarn thinking I'd make another....

                                                    Source: via Madeline on Pinterest

Cute, no? But, then there's this sweetness...

                                                   Source: via Madeline on Pinterest

And, if I spend much more time on Pinterest and Ravelry I'll likely find 200 more strong contenders. I have trouble making decisions sometimes.

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