Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yarn Along: Hooks and Needles

It's been awhile since I picked up a hook and crocheted anything. I'd nearly forgotten how much faster it is than knitting. I crocheted this little Bobble Hat Saturday. When that was done, I cast on for the Striped Smock Top minus the stripes. Nothing against stripes, I was just trying to use up some yarn from the stash. I have a whole extra skein of it and not too much further to go, so I'm thinking a matching hat is in order. This is the first top down sweater I've done, and now I totally get the obsession. I'm not sure I'll ever do a bottom up sweater again....and definitely no more sweaters in bunches of pieces. Seaming is not my friend.

After the little cardigan and hat are finished, I'll be taking a reluctant break from the Sophia knits. Every time I cast on (no matter the color), Levi asks me if it's for him. The number of times I've said, "No, baby." is starting to get to me....oh, mommy guilt! Remember this post? I'll be choosing a sweater soon. He's voting for a white one. Yikes. I'm trying to steer him toward a darker, more dirt friendly color. A trip to the yarn shop in our future.

There is a chance that I might have to sneak this onto some needles as well...

                                                       Source: via Madeline on Pinterest

Wouldn't it be just darling on Sophia?!! I know. I know. I need to be fair. But, really girls are so fun to knit for.

I've recently mentioned the book The Dirty Life, but it was good and worth the double mention.  I finished it a few days ago and haven't decided on anything to replace it's nightstand position just yet. So what are you reading and/or knitting these days?

P.S. If you're the knitterly type, you might enjoy Corinne's recent post on the subject.

P.P.S. I'm linking up with Ginny's Yarn Along even though I totally forgot to toss the book into my photo. Whoops! :)


  1. Your knitting and crocheting is beautiful!! I agree crocheting is so much faster..but I enjoy the slow clicks of a knitting needle too!


  2. I love it - stripes minus the stripes! That possible Sophia sweater is darling...

  3. gorgeous knits! i know the mommy guilt well and will have to make sure to knit something for the boy in my life soon.

  4. The smock top is lovely and it looks great without stripes!!

  5. So cute!!! I bought A a winter jacket on sale at land's end. com and I got some books out of the library for scarf, hat and mittens. I need to pick one already though! lol

  6. It is so endearing when they want you to knit for them, but then the pressure's on! Love that smocked cardi.

  7. That little hat is beautiful. I am currently in a crochet groove but thinking a knit is in my near future, fortunately I have some chunky yarn so it should be a quick knit.
    Love the little cardy, hope your boy gets his wish soon.


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