Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Sewing And Some Party Planning

I ditched the knitting needles for my sewing machine this week.
It was a nice break.
We're just having a little family party for Sophia's 1st birthday, but that doesn't stop me from party planning. We're going for a sunshine theme, since she has such a (mostly) sunny personality. When it's not sunny it's at least fiery.

Anyway, sunshine theme = a need for a yellow dress which = this*...

And, then I wanted her to have a special birthday crown**. I skipped the sunshine theme for it because I'm thinking we'll use it yearly. That is if I can hold myself back from making a new one every year. This was a fun and easy sew. I could become addicted to crown making. (In fact, she might have a sunshine crown by the time her birthday rolls around.)

I snuck the crown on her as she woke up from a nap. She didn't notice until we passed a mirror. Then she couldn't stop staring at herself and grinning. Normally she freaks over hats, but apparently crowns are cool.

As far as the non-sewn aspects of the party go, I'm thinking something like this for the cake, but made into a sun instead of a sunflower.
(Mom, are you seeing this? ;)...

                                      Source: via Madeline on Pinterest

And, this is her present...

The girl is in the habit of eating holes through our books. She can reek havoc on a book in just a few seconds...especially now that she has teeth! Hopefully, a wooden book will slow her down a bit.

And, just because I feel like I haven't posted very many pictures of Levi, here's a totally unrelated one...

He's seriously the sweetest boy least in my humble opinion.

**I was just winging it on the crown although I know there's a pattern in a book around here somewhere. I just couldn't remember where. Sigh...mommy brain strikes again.


  1. AW, HAW . . . yes, I saw that! That 'cake' is totally do-able. The dress and crown and book are perfect, especially the crown! :)

  2. That cake is such a cool idea. How you got that all done in a week..I haven't gotten any crafting done in weeks.

  3. LOVE the dress - and the CROWN is fabulous....clearly Fia approves! :)

    That cake is all so perfect!

    That pic of you and Levi is so precious.

  4. Love the shots of you with your wee ones! So sweet...

    (and you thought you had a case of Baby Brain).

    That Levi shot is beautiful.

  6. Aw! I love everything. The picture of you and Levi hugging. The beautiful dress you sewed. The cupcake cake. The crown! What is that little face in the middle of it?


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