Thursday, August 4, 2011

Knitting and Teething

So I spent part of last night knitting and holding a sleeping, teething Sophia. Poor dear. Today I figured out that she is not just popping through two top teeth. It's really four top teeth, and, I think, 2 more bottom ones. And, my babies are slooooow teethers. If she follows protocol, those teeth could be chillin' just below the surface for awhile. Fun times.

Back to the knitting...I was working on a soaker for Fi. The same one I posted about here. I grafted it together, held it up, and my heart kind of sank a bit. How did I not realize that I was knitting it too small???!!!! Ack! I'm just going to finish off the legs and put it away for a future baby, but really! So frustrating. Obviously I cannot be trusted with a ruler while sleep deprived and attempting to wrangle small munchkins.

Today I went to the Knit Studio and bought needles for this lovely cowl.

                                                  Source: via Madeline on Pinterest

Finally, something non-utilitarian...just for me. 


  1. The teething sounds very difficult--for both of you! The soaker looks so pretty, almost like a very nice collar. Stick it over your head and see how that looks! Just a little levity. Love you!

  2. ugghh for teething and knitting the wrong size. Half of Simeon's longies and soakers were the wrong size, and I am a slow knitter. I guess it's a good thing he's potty learning. If I had been up all night I would have really dragged into the meeting. I hope y'all get some rest.

  3. That's the universe telling you you have paid your soaker dues! Now it's time to cast on a little something for yourself.

  4. Loved the last commenter's thoughts on paying your soaker dues! Ha! The cowl is gorgeous! What color are you going to do for yours?

    Teething. Yeah, you already know. It stinks for everyone in the house. If she'll allow it, you might want to do some massaging of the gums with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Darah seemed to appreciate that when she was getting teeth.

  5. That scarf is going to be so gorgeous! Does she have a Sophie? Reed loved his when he was teething!

  6. Oh you poor things, how miserable for you both. I hope knitting the cowl makes everything a touch brighter.


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