Monday, August 22, 2011

Everyday Blessings

A few things I'm grateful for....

: : Our air conditioner was fixed for free which I think is worth this second mention!

: : Levi was trying to help me last week, and he dragged my favorite purse (the one that was big enough to carry diapers for two and my knitting) on gravel. There are holes in it, but I'm grateful that I kept my cool and didn't make him feel like things are more important than he is.

: : I've gotten a crazy amount of crafting done lately. I'm not sure where all of the time is coming from. It has to be God because I am certainly not the queen of time management. On top of what I blogged about, I also sewed a knitting needle holder, crocheted a baby hat, and got 1/3 of the way through a knitted cardigan for Sophia.

: : We're celebrating Sophia's birthday this weekend! I haven't even cried over it....yet. I'm actually just really excited. 

: : Stephan's mom is coming up to celebrate with us, and Stephan will be off for a week. So, not only do we get to have fun with Mimi and daddy, but I get a break from being outnumbered by children.

: : My mom is coming over today. She makes for excellent company, and my house improves every time she steps in it. What's not to be grateful for about that?

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Grateful for posts about gratitude. :)

    Love that you let him help out with your purse. That is such a sweet story. He is so loved!!

  2. I'm grateful that my kids have all been good today...that little Finn is starting to grab at things...that Brady can read as well as I can....that Trinity has the curls I always wanted....that tristan is still cuddly....lots of things!

  3. Counting blessings is something I should do more of. Thank you for the reminder. Also, when you when you kept from making "him feel like things are more important than he is," zowie! Arrow through my heart. Guilty as charged with my own boy.


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