Monday, August 15, 2011

Everyday Blessings

Levi running to the barn at my parents' place.
A list of gratitude:

: : Levi is finally showing some interest in potty learning! We haven't had any 'successes' yet, but the fact that he's asking to try makes me so happy and in our book really is a success.

: : Saturday morning our air conditioner died. (That's not the blessing part....or maybe it is and we just haven't found out yet). The house was 80 degrees by 10 am. We packed up and headed to my parents' house. It's been so wonderful and peaceful. It's hard not to love it here.

: : I was (miraculously) on top of the laundry before we left, so at least the laundry monster won't be insanely out of control when we get back.

: : A cool front came through, so the generally unbearably hot August weather is actually pretty nice.

: : This is the time of year when the light starts to change. Yesterday afternoon I noticed a distinctly Autumnish tinge to it. Squeal. Spring and Autumn are the two best times of the year.

: : Sophia is so close to full fledged walking. She keeps taking little steps here and there. I'm loving the anticipation. 

So, what are you grateful for today?


  1. I love your attitude. What a happy way to start a Monday.

    I'm grateful for kids who, at the moment, are getting along and playing happily. I'm also grateful for the cup of hot tea in my hand. :)

  2. I'm grateful for my couch savings account. I may have bought a computer with it instead :) but at least it was there. I can always buy the couch after A is done potty training!!

    And blogs that remind me that even bumps like air conditioning going out can result in blessings...

  3. I love the things you are grateful for. Today, I'm grateful for down time, doctors who actually help, and french fries.


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