Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Loves

 It was kind of a rough day. Stephan was gone, and my refrigerator died....rather dramatically....which stressed me out. But, those two smiling faces and my awesome mom got me through. Life is good. Now, on with the links....

: : This and this....alternatives to spanking and yelling.

: : A happy lunch bag.

: : A cool lawn game.

: : DIY cloud rugs.

: : Munchkin fun.

: : A crocheted lampshade...want.

So, how was your day?


  1. It was a wild and crazy afternoon with your refrigerator! Love you.

  2. Those pompom shooters are too cute! Would have never thought of that. I like the list of alternatives to spanking or yelling ... but one of the items is to pay bills. Not sure that's going to make a frustrated mama feel better! ;)

    Hope you enjoy your new fridge!


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