Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work Hard, Play Hard

Since everyone worked so hard Monday, we spent yesterday playing at our favorite spot, Rocky Springs...

Sophia was so into it that she refused to ride in our (new to us) Kelty...

And, Levi would have nothing to do with family photos...

Apparently, playing was far more appealing...

No critters were harmed in our adventures, but some were definitely played with.

It was a much needed get away for all of us. It even had Stephan talking about taking a "real" vacation.  Any ideas or suggestions for somewhere within driving in 4 or 5 hours tops?


  1. It was such a fun day, and we learned a new word. Levi told someone not to get 'consterical.' We think he meant hysterical which was pretty hysterical in itself! :)

  2. You are so lucky to have a crick ... I mean a creek nearby. Magical!

  3. What beautiful photos, Sophia is looking so grown up. My two love water, L would just love to get in there!

  4. Nature's splashpad! It looks so wonderful. We have many family photos with King (when he was about Levi's age) wearing a serious pout or scowl because we forced him to be in the picture. "King get over here! Now look happy!"

  5. I want to get to Rocky Springs...we thought we would get there this summer but it doesn't look like it :(.

    Suggestions for travel depends on if y'all are beach bums or mountain/hillbillies? They're both within reach about in those time frames or shorter.

  6. We're thinking of taking the kids to Jellystone Park in Pelahatchie. We've never been before, but it looks like fun! Close and affordable. :)

  7. Such cute photos! I'm driving to our fam's vacay home in the App mountains next month...10 hours with le toddler trapped in the car...EEEEK!


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