Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bye-bye Twenties

It's my birthday.
I'm 30.
Hello, thirties!
I'll admit I haven't been thrilled about this.
But, then I started thinking. For real, my twenties mostly stunk. During that decade, among other not so shiny things, I got married and divorced. In fact, two whole years were spent just on the divorce part.
But, before I down my twenties too much, I did become a mama...twice...and I remarried....this time to the most awesome fella this side of the Mississippi.
The more I think about how nicely my twenties ended, the more I like my thirties. Sure my life isn't perfect, but I've got my dream job. I get to be a wife and mama. Sounds like the start to a very good decade.

For my birthday, Stephan bought me a hoosier cabinet. I've wanted one since I was a nutty teenager wandering around flea markets and thrift shops. We found one that we could actually afford, but as usual that meant it needed some elbow grease put into it...

I love my husband. :-)
When the cabinet has been shored up a bit and repainted, it's going into my sewing room. I think it will be perfect for holding my yarn and sewing books.


  1. Happy birthday, sweet girl! What an awesome birthday gift! You've got the right perspective heading into this new stage of life! Your are gonna ROCK your thirties, I just know it!

  2. Lucky Lady! Happy birthday to you. The thirties are fabulous (I thought). I'll let you know on the even more confronting issue of the forties...

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! AND, Stephan is pretty wonderful--probably the best guy for you EITHER side of the Mississippi. :) Heck, the whole world!

  4. Woo thirty sounds amazing!

    and what a sweet hubby you have(incredibly thoughtful too!!)
    Happy birthday my lovely Blogland buddy! i'm glad God made you!!

  5. Happy Birthday to you sweet blog friend! I hope you had a great day!

  6. I'm almost 1 whole year into my 30s, and I really feel like this is the decade where I am coming into my own. Come on in, the water's fine!
    Happy birthday!


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