Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Loves

Some good links for your weekend enjoyment:

: : The story of these twins might just make you get all teary eyed.

: : This video of artist, Augustina Woodgate, spreading the joy of poetry makes me smile.

: : I really, really want an outdoor chalkboard for the munchkins.

: : I'm fascinated with every article I read on making natural dyes. I'm just scared too try it with little ones around. I really must put us all in junky clothes some day and bite the bullet.

: : Levi is totally into Jenga (except ours is a thrifted set called Timber). Me thinks he'd dig this backyard set.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Your backyard with jenga and chalkboard sound super.

    The kids love playing with chalk right now, I took out Audrey's chalkboard and between that and hopscotch and just drawing they are having a lot of fun.

    Now interested in natural dyes ( : ... off to read some more ( :

    Happy weekend to all of you!

  2. You find the best stuff! Thanks for the links.


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