Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Photos

Stephan actually had this past weekend off...a rare treat! We spent most of it at my parents' house celebrating my birthday and hanging out.

Turns out that my camera wasn't really broken. About a week ago, I had finally decided to take it into the more procrastinating. I tried it out for the first time in awhile, and lo and behold the thing worked. Oh, well, I'm calling it a nice birthday present.

Isn't she cute?!! She is the most curious and adventurous little girl. I just want to squeeze her all. the. time.

Also, she started waving....on my birthday. :-) Happy day to me!

And, happy Wednesday to you!


  1. I LOVE Sophia's outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a big girl! That IS an awesome bday gift!

  3. Oh the cutest! She's changing so quickly...and I'd say walking before you know it too by the look of that.
    Sweet birthday gift indeed! x

  4. That pretty little girl is going to be walking soon! How cool about the flies to fast, doesn't it?


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