Monday, July 18, 2011

A List Of Thanks

I finished yet another pair of soakers for Sophia. I swear I'm going to knit something other than soakers...someday. Fi doesn't ever sit still for long, so excuse the blurry instagram photo. They're cute. Trust me. :)

Onto the real post....
The kids have both had colds this week which translates to Mama hasn't gotten much sleep. I've found myself getting very grumpy (and dare I say....whiny). Of course, that fixes everything....ha. So, what better way to alter ones mood than to express a little gratitude, right? Here we go:

= Our backyard has closely resembled a jungle since we moved in...ahem...over a year ago, but my mom, sister, and my cousin's two boys are coming over today to help Stephan do yard work! If that's not something to be grateful for I don't know what is.

= An attachment parenting group was started recently in my town, and I've met so many awesome mamas over the past few months because of it.

= Levi has made a in one he wants to see regularly. Until now he would befriend kids, but he really didn't care if we saw them again. They even hold hands sometimes. It makes my heart go all puddlish.

= I have the world's sweetest husband. Seriously. He does the dishes nearly every day. And, when I haven't had any sleep and the kids are attached to me 24/7 and the house becomes a disaster zone he tries really hard to help me put it back together....even when he's working (12 hour shifts). Yep. He's a keeper.

= (I probably shouldn't admit to being thankful for this one.) Since Sophia has been sick, I've been getting extra cuddles. Squeal. I love baby cuddles. She's always on the go, so I'll take any snuggles I can get.

= Levi told me that when he's four he wants to learn to read. That made me smile. He's pretty into letters right who knows? Maybe he'll get his wish. He also told me that he wants to learn about trains and monsters. :)

So, tell me what's on your list of thanks today?


  1. so sweet, I hope everyone recovers soon. I'm thankful for Simeon potty learning so well even at 4 in the AM! I'm also thankful that he went back to sleep and so did I. And I'm very thankful for the AP group, my church, family, and my dear hubby!

  2. Yay, Simeon!! That's awesome, Elizabeth!

  3. Sounds wonderful. I am also thankful for a husband who likes to spend time with the kids and help if the house gets crazy. He has been known to spontaneously vacuum or even fold laundry!

  4. What a great way to pull yourself out of a funky mood!

  5. I love having special handmade versions of ordinary things! Everybody is potty trained over here (THANKFUL!), so I make myself dishcloths. Thank you for the wonderful reminder to count my blessings, especially when I'm overwhelmed by the negative.

  6. So sweet. I hope the kids feel better soon :)

    I am feeling thankful that my brother and sister in law invited us over yesterday and we had a great time! Both my brother & his wife are very career oriented and don't really understand the homeschooling mom thing, so it was nice to be together and have fun with them yesterday and to feel close rather than far apart.

  7. Aw, how sweet that Levi has made a friend. It's so fun to watch them interact with other kids. Mine is really into letters too. He's obsessed with writing his name. I'm thankful that he's such a Mama's me extra hugs and kisses which I love!


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