Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Work Day

My mom, my sister, and my cousin's two boys came over yesterday to help Stephan clean up our yard. We have about 30 trees on our lot which means a whole lot of leaves and limbs. Not to mention everything has been overgrown since we moved in.
The little ones mostly did this....

They tried to convince us that their job was truly important  because they were "cleaning" the sandbox. :) To their credit, they also picked up quite a few sticks.
The rest of the crew worked their tails off. Seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if they all woke up minus a few pounds. They raked, mowed, cleaned the roof, hauled off sticks and giant bags of leaves and cut back overgrown bushes.

Sophia and I sat on the sidelines and watched. We also cooked...a lot.

The final result....I'm no longer scared of my own yard. Yippee!
I probably should of taken pictures of that part too, huh? Oh. Well. You'll just have to take my word for it.


  1. Thanks for NOT posting pictures of me! Ha! I was a sight. :)

  2. Those cheeeeeeks! I bet you kiss and squeeze them often!


  3. Thank God for family, huh!? And Sophia's profile: Oh my goodness! And my yard needs your family.

  4. FAMILY IS THE BESTTT!!!! Fall is almost here too, you'll REALLY Be able to enjoy it then, without getting sun stroke!!

  5. Oh, Sophia's cheeks! <3

    Aerobic gardening/lawn care. I've heard of it, even done it a few times. :) Hope it's not too hot to enjoy spending time outside.


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