Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christmas In July

I finished Sophia's Christmas stocking months ago. It's been hanging in my sewing room waiting for me to snap a picture and put it away. Obviously, I'm a procrastinator. (Just ignore the fact that I took these photos at night in bad light.)

Um, you should also ignore the uneven stitches. It adds to the handmade look, right?

This is what's on the back:

Now, I just need to get to work on Levi's stocking. You would think I'd have done that already, but then again you know I'm a procrastinator.


  1. Uneven stitches?! WHAT uneven stitches? Are you crazy? That thing looks perfect. and beautiful. and like SUCH a keepsake. Don't be hard on yourself. You hear me??

  2. Beautiful!!! Nanno is right... perfect! And such a special gift to give to Sophia!
    I am so envious of people that are good with their hands (and are so creative) yet... I never actually get myself to try and do something.

    I absolutely love it and know she will treasure that forever. When I saw it I immediately thought "what a perfect gift for your child".

  3. Beautiful! And I agree - I see no uneven stitches - just a stocking that Sophia will treasure forever. I still have the one my grandma made me. Homemade stockings are a MUST.

  4. that is SUPER DUPER CUTE!!!
    i especially love the inscription on the back!

  5. Thanks gals! Y'all are so sweet!!

  6. You are NO procrastinator! It's July for goodness sake! My eldest scored her first Mama-made stocking for her um, tenth Christmas. (yikes). (procrastinator).

  7. My homemade stockings didn't get done until my boys were like 5 and 9. You are waaaay ahead of the game, in my opinion. It looks fabulous!

  8. That is adorable...and they will really appreciate how special it is to have stockings handmade by mama when they're older!


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