Monday, July 11, 2011

A Little Early

There's been a change of plans. Levi is coming home tonight instead of Sunday. I can't wait to see him!! I kept looking at my calendar last week and thinking how long this two weeks was going to be, but now it's not. I'm down with that.

The day Levi left for his dad's we spent some time at my parents' house. We were picking blueberries, and Levi kept spotting spider webs around the garden. He pointed each of them out and instructed me to take pictures of them.

He's fascinated by pictures and cameras. I let him snap pics with my little camera sometimes. When he gets the hang of it I'm considering getting myself a new one and letting him have that one. The one I have is a Canon Power Shot. It's fine for outdoor snapshots, but I'm generally disappointed with it's indoor performance. I do like having a small, portable camera though.

Any suggestions on what to get?


  1. I have a Canon Power Shot SD1400 and it's okay for indoor pictures. I don't think anything is great for them and certainly not the point and shoots - indoor light just isn't as good. But I use it - and I like it - and I'd recommend it (so does Consumer Reports which is why I purchased it)

  2. i dont think i like any point and shoot for inside so far so if you find a good one that takes action shots let me know! jaim likes using my point and shoot too, i'm waiting for him to get a little less rough on it to give it to him too, he refuses to use the camera he got for Christmas to take pictures, i think mums with nicer cameras have babes who are a Bit of a camera snobs...

  3. I don't have any ideas about cameras. I use my Iphone4 for everything - even movies. BUT I am super excited for you that Levi is coming home early! I hope everything is okay.

  4. If it is in your budget, something like this:

    We've bought refurbished before and had no problems. They have been sent back in to the company and are guaranteed. We usually use B & H. They are awesome!


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