Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday....A Little Late

Photos taken while visiting Stephan at work.

Yesterday was Stephan's birthday. I totally forgot (written while cringing). Thankfully, he's the sweet, forgiving sort....nothing like me. I'd have cried if he forgot mine. I did finally realize it about halfway through the day after he had already gone to work. Yipes! Hopefully I semi made up for it by leaving him a little surprise for when he got home...a plate of homemade cupcakes and some mama and kiddo made cards. Levi even dictated his. "Happy Birthday, dear Daddy! Happy Birthday, dear Daddy! I love you. I love you. I love you. I love how real sweet you are."
So, Happy (belated) birthday, Stephan! I love how real sweet you are!


  1. I, unfortunately, am notorious for forgetting our anniversary. Not necessarily the day of, but any prep up to it, including this year. So, why do I have two appointments scheduled on our anniversary day that may affect John and me going out to lunch? Because I forgot... Hey, we'll be married 15 years this year, so I guess he doesn't harbor too many ill wills against my ditziness :).

    I hope Stephan had a good birthday yesterday! Levi's card was too sweet.

  2. It's all about grace and forgiveness, right?


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