Friday, May 27, 2011

A Tumble

A few days ago Levi learned how to ride his tricycle. It took some practice and quite a bit of going backwards, but then he was off...triking like a pro.

Yesterday, we went to what became the longest (but most wonderful) play date ever. In the midst of it, we took the kiddos for a walk/ride. Levi borrowed a bike with training wheels. I could tell he was having a hard time, but he was determined. And, then he was off...careening down a slope with little to no idea of how to steer. Let's just say, thank the sweet Lord for helmets because he totally flipped right over and onto his head. That would have been one nasty head scrape. Instead, the helmet took the brunt of it, and he just scraped his little nose and knees.

After all of the tears, I thought we were done with the bike. I was wrong. He wanted to get right back on and keep going. My heart might have burst just a tad with pride.

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  1. Well done Levi it takes a lot of courage to get back on the bike.

  2. Love that he wanted to get back on and ride. What a trooper!


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