Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Baby Bird....Um....Rescue?

Yesterday, Stephan came in from working in the yard, "A baby bird fell out of it's nest. What do I do?" Of course, I called my sister...our go to animal rescue gal. Her advice was to put it back in the nest. But, is anything ever really that easy?

The nest was just in reach, but the bird was precocious. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, Stephan's rescue project turned into me chasing not one but two hopping baby birds through the yard. These creatures don't take too kindly to the well intentioned interference of strangers. They were definitely too young to be on the ground. They hadn't fully feathered out, and they were nowhere near being able to fly. I felt guilty just leaving them there, so chase I did.

Obviously, I caught them.

But, then what? Many texts were sent back and forth between sisters before it was finally decided that the best place for the birds was back in the tree. The mama and daddy were still hanging about...obviously worried and a little peeved by my "help". Unfortunately, though, the babies were so freaked out that they hopped right out of the nest (and onto the ground) every time we put them down. Sigh. Solution?

Put the box in the tree...

Sounded good to me. Today we went to check on them. They were out of the box (again), but this time perched safely in the branches of the tree. Their parents are still hanging around and feeding them, so hopefully they'll stay up in that tree until they are ready to fly.

P.S. The "tree" is really an overgrown holly bush, but let's not be bothered by details...mkay? :)
P.P.S. The box is still sitting in the "tree". How very redneck of us. Really, though, I was just scared to move it. Didn't want to knock any baby birds down.


  1. Loving the Box in Tree solution. It has a sort of birdie conducive feel to it...

  2. LOL birds a silly little things, maybe they just wanted a bitter house??

  3. Love it! Sounds like your rescue was a success!

  4. Aw, you know kids, they just can't resist a cardboard box.


    You guys are so fun!


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