Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ruffles And Baby Bums Were Made For Each Other

Since getting pregnant with Sophia I've knitted loads of soakers....some that I liked and maybe one or two that I really liked but soaker love was elusive. Until now (8 1/2 months into her life)! This one meets all the criteria for a great soaker...snug yet roomy, easy thus fast to make yet not so boring that I want to gouge my eyes out, and of course, cute!
Soakers just off the needles...for Sophia.

For you knitters out there: I used the Frantic Mama pattern. I wanted a snug waistband, so I cast on for a small then increased after the waist to make a medium sized bum. The ruffles are crocheted.
For you knitters and non-knitters alike: Here's a cute bum shot...

Soaker on her bum.

Sorry for the excessive phone pics. My camera is still broken...and will be until I get it to the shop. I'm a procrastinator. What can I say? It's still "useable" but kind of a pill, so I like my phone better right now. If you're an instagram junkie, like me, then you should totally friend me. I'm @barefootgal. I'm also barefootgal on Ravelry if you happen to be that sort.

Happy Thursday, y'all!


  1. I mean to tell you, "That is a CUTE, CUTE soaker!!!!!!!!"

  2. Good job Madeline that is precious! I need some recommendations for inexpensive but durable fitted diapers. It seems like we have leaky prefold issues after being in the car-seat. I was thinking about getting a few fitted diapers.

  3. they go together so well, look at those chubby leggies!

  4. Too cute! This makes me almost miss having Darah in diapers!



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