Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back To That List

Remember that list? I've been plugging away at it. Okay, so I've already broken my "rule" at least 10 times. I might have merged a thrifted shirt with a thrifted scrap of lace, and I might have turned some of Sophia's onesies into t-shirts. And, there just maybe were a few other new projects that I might have tackled....despite swearing off all things new. Sigh. I obviously have issues when it comes to sticking with lists. Buuuuut, I have managed to squeeze in time to knock a few more things off of that list. Yay me...right?

Here's the rundown...

I finished a diaper soaker. Technically I finished two. It's just that I hated the first one (crocheted), so I unraveled it and knit this one...
Sophia's new soakers...knit by me.

It's really a dark pink...not red. For those interested I used the Milo pattern from Vintage Baby Knits and Malabrigo worsted merino yarn (can't remember the color...oops). I added an i-cord drawstring. It looks even cuter on Sophia's adorable bum.

I also recovered a chair. Too bad I didn't take any before pictures. It was covered in red vinyl that was busted at nearly every seam...definite improvement...

Finally recovered this chair...it was a long time coming.
Excuse the mess. I'm obviously a terrible housekeeper. I'd rather be knitting...or sewing.

And, I knitted two hats. One has yet to be photographed. It won't fit Sophia until winter anyway. This is the other one.

My apologies for the awful photo. It was dark...and on my cell phone...and then instagramed. (Have I told you that Stephan hates instagram. I quote, "Why would you want to take a bad photo and make it worse?" Ha! I still love it) Specs on the hats: The one photographed is from Itty Bitty Hats using a mish mash of leftover yarn bits. The other one is this freebie pattern except I just used a solid color in the suggested yarn.

Aaaand, I finished a sweater for Sophia...from Vintage Baby Knits, of course. It's huge on her...which is good because the summer heat is a comin'.

Oh, and I sewed some prefolds into prefitteds and stitched up a few diaper covers from my stash of wool sweaters.

Not too bad for a month...especially when you add in all the cheating. ;) Oh, and since the knitting pile was officially exed off the list, I went to the yarn shop and added...ahem...four more knitting projects to the queue. I know. I KNOW. I can't help myself.

P.S. Thank you, Mom, for taking Sophia's baptism dress off of my hands! Can't wait to see her in it!!


  1. You're on a roll :)
    I think Lucas feels the same way about my vintage camera thing on my Droid! But I love it too!
    That chair is gorgeous, you do good work, lady!

  2. *giggles*
    it must be something in the air because i'm normally great with lists but lately its taking me ages to even pick anything up, let alone FINISH, and oh those inbetweenn projects, my biggest downfall would be reorganizing the house!

    I LOVE Fia's soaker, i bet it looks ADORABLE on a little hiney!

  3. Oooh! The girls and I start a homeschool knitting group next week! We are looking for some projects to tackle!

  4. you're making me miss cloth diapering. it was so fun, back in the day. now it's too hard. you are so talented! love all the stuff you make.


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