Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Messy

This is what Levi calls "a messy"

Sophia is crawling. Nothing new really. Except that I can't seem to get anything done because I spend my whole day pulling stuff out of her hands and mouth. My house hasn't looked this horrible in awhile. I'm getting that urge to dump everything we own (excepting a few essentials) on the curb. That picture is only a tiny portion of the true mess. Believe me. The rest of it would frighten you. That's just the clean laundry....not even all of it.

Earlier I texted Stephan with a crazy message that ended in "I feel chaos inside when I'm looking at chaos." His response, "Then the first step is to put things back in order. The nature of a fallen world is to atrophy into chaos. The nature of redemption is to restore order."

Okay. I know he's right, but that kind of made me want to throw a shoe at him.

Sigh. I guess I'll be heading to the laundry room for a trash bag. Apparently restoring order is on the agenda least if Sophia stays asleep.


  1. doesnt he really want to say i'll take the laundry you take the dishes!??
    i'm horrible with the folding and putting away with the laundry, great with the washing bit, i just forget!Have you tried doing it standing up, i know it sounds silly but it goes bye faster for me when i'm not sitting(and you burn more calories), then there isnt that horrid getting off your bum feeling when you have to put them away. i've taken to waking up earlier and doing a mad dash on the biggest chore before jaim wakes up.

  2. I break out into hives with lack of organization. I get anxiety. I am learning to manage my expectations. Feeling less than, doesn't help me accomplish anything... though if it did I'd be getting so much done! I make deals with myself all the time. I'll pick a number, usually 12 (I don't know why I like this number), and I'll pick up 12 little things and put them away before I go making supper, go into the next room, while I'm on the phone, etc. If I'm in a purging sort of mood, I'll get a bag and pick 12 things that I need to let go of and donate. My thrifting rule - if I'm bringing something into the house three somethings need to leave. Having just been sick we had a lot of people helping out around the house. My kitchen cabinets are soooo disorganized. I had just gotten them in order I thought. I sigh as I realize that organization is a continuous endeavor. There is no "done." Not really. There's only, "This'll do." I do have to admit that when I do get some small space organized, I find I'll stand in front of it with a cup of tea to admire my work... not just the day it's completed, but other days, when I'm feeling that anxiety. It's proof I can be organized, just like I'd like to be.

  3. girl, i hear you. I am right there with you. I love what Stephan said, that's a really neat way to think about it

  4. If it never hits the floor, you never have to pick it up. That's my latest wise-a__ quote! I thought it up all by myself. Don't you just love when you mother says stuff like this and you're really ready to push all your stuff in a pile and burn it!?

    Sorry. I feel your pain. I'll be there tomorrow to help you pick stuff up! Love you. :) MOM

  5. Our place has looked like that for the longest time. It's actually quite therapeutic to go through all your "junk" and get rid of it. I always feel much better after doing that :)

  6. Coral her! And no, I don't mean literally, but you can set up some loose boundarie;, pillows, laundry baskets, furniture, etc and put some 'new' and 'interesting' items in the middle. You know, a pot with wooden spoon, plastic ware with very secure lids filled with items that rattle, so she can bang push, whatever to figure them out. Sure, she may crawl out every few minutes but you have a spot to fold laundry and not keep as tight of an eye on her, especially if she is busy making noise :).

    I can't remember what I did with KL, but I think I gave up and figured she would live if she ate dog hair and some bugs. Of course, she didn't crawl long before she was walking! I also think at that time we had 'clean' laundry baskets and 'dirty' laundry baskets and gave up on folding for a few weeks.

  7. I think I have that exact same picture in one of my blog posts! And I also would have wanted to throw a shoe at him.

    Hang in there. Take a deep breath. And know it will get better.

    And thank you for sharing. Sometimes I think I must be the only one in blogland living in chaos, it's good to be reminded that other people have the same issues too...

  8. I feel the same way! "Chaos outside equals chaos inside"...very well said! No if I could just get my 1 year old to stop destroying faster than I clean...

  9. I've always struggled with keeping things clean/organized, so I can totally relate and I don't even have kids to take care of. One thing that really helped me is the FlyLady system.
    I would recommend signing up for the emails, it's helpful to know others are dealing with the same issues and it's nice to have the encouragement from the testimonial emails people write. One thing she recommends is setting a timer and just do what you can for 15 minutes. Hang in there, it didn't get messy in a day, and it's going to take more than a day to get it organized again.

  10. ha. i can't promise that i wouldn't have wanted to throw a shoe too, but he's a wise one. at least he gave you a thoughtful answer.

    by the way? i have a stink hiding somewhere in my house for like weeks now. i'm afraid to clean, for fear of what i'll find.

  11. Wow, Stephan really texts like that? I'm way impressed.

    I am trying to get the kids' rooms in order. Toys have gotten too out of control.


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