Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sophia's Easter Duds

It dawned on me that I never posted the promised photos of Sophia in her new (made by mama) shrug. Unbelievably I only took two pictures...both on my phone. I know.

She sported it Easter Sunday along with one of my old baby dresses. She was simply edible that morning...

It was a little big on her, so it should fit her for awhile. I'll have to take more pictures next time.

And, just because Levi is so darn cute, here's one of the latest photos of him. We were at a local furniture store. Store might not actually be the right word for it. I mean, after all, there is a carousel inside the place. We didn't end up buying anything. The cheapest (and most perfect for us) bed being $400 definitely made us rethink being in a hurry for a bed. So we continue with the thrift hunting...

Shopping for a bed. No luck so far but Levi sure is having fun.

Tomorrow is the final day of the Dandelion Giveaway. Be sure to toss your name in the hat!!


  1. Those kids are so darn cute!!! :)

  2. You sure make pretty babies lady! p.s. You won our giveaway! Send me your size, color and addy when you get a sec!


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