Monday, May 16, 2011

Inhaling Is Easier Now

My mother came over today to help pull me out of the mess that was my house. I feel like I can breathe better now, and there's even room for the piano.

My mom is wonderful. Really. She is.
It's the end of Stephan's work week (7 days of 12 hour shifts), which was preceded by a very busy week of home repairs and Sophia's baptism. The house had gotten to the point of no return, and my head just couldn't handle it anymore. I called my mom yesterday morning to see if the kids and I could stay the night. I felt like I'd be a better mother if I didn't have to keep looking at the intense disorganization that was surrounding me. Not only did she say we could, but she also said she'd come home with me today and help clean up.
As we cleaned (and chased munchkins) I could feel the weight lifting off of my shoulders. My head is so much clearer now. Big sigh of relief. Oh, and she even made room for that piano! She's kind of amazing like that. I had resigned myself to it being stashed (obtrusively) behind the sofa. Thanks, Mom!!

And, on an entirely unrelated note, last week's Blogger craziness has me a little freaked out. Sophia's baptism post was thankfully retrieved, but some of the comments still aren't back. I don't like that at all. I'm really-o-truly-o considering breaking up with Blogger.  Wordpress and Typepad seem to be the best alternatives. I'm afraid I'm just not tech savvy enough for Wordpress. Really, I can barely check my email, y'all. I am computer illiterate...which is why I've stuck with Blogger for so long. Typepad seems a little easier to navigate. However, I could buy a nice skein of yarn every month for the price! Sigh. Advice? Opinions? Experience? I'm so not a professional blogger, but I do like my blog. I don't want to lose it...or even pieces of it.

P.S. I just read all the comments from yesterday's post. Y'all are so sweet. Really. Thanks for the support and suggestions and for just being plain wonderful!


  1. Aw, gee, shucks, Madeline. It was nothing. I really enjoyed what we did to your house! Love you. MOM

  2. I've heard great things about Wordpress and rumor has it once you are set up it's pretty easy. And since you already have your own domain...I've been toying with the idea for awhile. Interested to hear what you decide.

  3. I am not savvy at all, but I am loving wordpress for my food blog. I might even move over my personal blog too, if I ever get the time to play with it a bit. I think you'll find wordpress really easy to work with and it has some great features for those of us who aren't html gurus.

    Glad you can feel at peace again in your home. You're doing good mama!

  4. that blogger bit freaked me out too, luckily i have been behind on posting lately and didn't loose anything, BUT i have lost photos so some older posts make no sense, and because i write only for myself(selfish) so i remember the little silly bits, and so my family knows whats going on(all of us being so far away) i wanted to eventually make them into a little book for myself(like a scrapbook) to look back on when my baby is big(sniff) , i was thinking of changing too, C'mon blogger a whole day of nonsense!

    oh and your mum is AWESOME!!!

  5. i have a self-hosted wordpress blog, and honestly? i'm a total computer idiot as well. it's truly so easy to set up, and i have an excellent book that helps you do it. but you can always go with the wordpress blog that they do for you (so your blog URL would be instead of your very own .com). wordpress is really easy to navigate, and i'd be glad to help you in any way i can. by the way, it's tricia from instagram :) better known as amelie522.

  6. Isn't it so hard to keep the house organized and clean with little people around? Seriously. My baby is almost two, and I am just now getting back into a routine of cleaning that has the house somewhat orderly. Your mom is great!

    I am thinking about WP too. I used WP for a blog I had before kids, but not self-hosted, which is the way I would go this time around. Not sure if I can do all the coding, but I know some and with the help of other smart folks on Twitter and such, maybe it will work out. We could hold each other's hands!

  7. Oh, M, aren't moms the best? You will be that kind of grandma/mom too. And how simple an offering on her part and the difference it made for you.
    Funny, I have been thinking of breaking up with Blogger, too. More for the "time for big changes" reason than anything. Typepad, I love...but too pricey. Is WordPress really that tech needy? What about squarespace?


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