Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Whole, Entire Year

A year has passed since Sophia graced us with her arrival.

2:55 pm
7 lbs 13 oz
20 in

If you're into birth stories (especially the homebirth vbac kind) you can read hers here.

The day before her birth we went to the park feeling like we had all the time in the world.


But, not even a whole 24 hours later and she was in our arms...

First Time Breastfeeding

Those first weeks were so sweet. I can say that now since the memories of milk blisters and afterbirth pains have faded into the background. It's moments like these that have made their way to the forefront...


And, now she's a year old. A whole, entire year. Goodness.

She's independent and spirited.
She's not so into cuddling, but she loves kisses....a lot.
Mama's milk is still her favorite, but she's also pretty crazy about watermelon.
She thinks she's big.
She wrestles with Levi and calls him "Bwu-bwu".
She's such a little daddy's girl.

What can I say? We're totally in love with her.

Happy First Birthday, Sweet Sophia!


  1. Happy Birthday, beautiful Sophia! It's amazing that it's been a year now.

  2. she's beautiful :) Zipped over and read her birth story - PERFECT! As a mama who vbac(ed) after 2 c-sections and have gone on to have 3 more home births - I love hearing other vbac stories! Happy Happy birthday to Sophia!!

  3. Such lovely photos and sweet memories...happy birthday to your little rosebud!

  4. happy birthday to both of you! She's such of a delight. I love her cardigan too, I've been working on a washcloth for a few weeks:)

  5. I absolutely LOVE that last picture. You have such a beautiful little girl on your hands...just like her momma.

  6. Oh fast those years spin. Happy first one to you all. So beautifully written Madeline. Love to you. x

  7. Hope you had a lovely day celebrating your beautiful girl! She's gorgeous.

  8. Catch your breath somewhere in the middle of the whirlwind Mama! Happy birthday sweetie.

  9. aww Madeline! So sweet. I love this post.

  10. Already a year? Crazy! Hope you guys had a lovely day and some great memories. :)


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