Friday, September 23, 2011

Field Trippin'

Today, I'm especially grateful that Stephan quit that second job. Since he has more days off we feel so relaxed, and we're able to do more fun, family stuff. This morning we picked my mom up and headed to Landrum's Homestead in Laurel. We've been meaning to do this since last summer, but we never could squeeze it in. We made a day of it and ate out, wandered through the "homestead", drove around Laurel's beautiful historic district, and played in their park.

The kids had so much fun.

The Mystery House at Landrum's was Levi's favorite part. He dubbed it the "Wobbly House". It's built at a steep angle, so you walk funny and are pulled toward the wall. You can even walk on the wall. Personally, it made my head spin, but I'm glad he enjoyed it.

Sophia liked the grass. I think it might have been her first time to actually explore grass. I know. Crazy. But, until recently she shoveled everything within reach into her mouth, so putting her down near dirt and choking hazards wasn't on the to do list. Thankfully, she's kind of over that stage.

Day trips with kids are fun. They're like mini-vacations, but you get to sleep in your own bed.
Do y'all have any favorite day trip spots?

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  1. Awe, i'm so glad your getting more family time! there arent many places to go around here we try to take walks by the river and go woods exploring, never gets old!


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