Monday, September 26, 2011

Everyday Blessings

A few blessings...

: : We've been enjoying Stephan's time off. I might just be able to get used to his week on week off schedule now that he's not working a part time job in between. 

: : The other day we ran out of pull ups. Here's the conversation that followed:
"Levi, we need to run to the store."
"I don't want to."
"But, you're wearing your last pull up."
"I want to stay home."
"If we don't go get more pull ups, you'll have to start using the potty."
Silence as I try to figure out what to say.
"Um. Did you understand? You'll have to use the know actually sit on it and everything."
"Well, alrighty then."
He's been using it ever since with only a few small accidents. I've been waiting a long time for this. It's so nice. We were truly beginning to think that Sophia was going to have to teach him.

: : We're heading out to (hopefully) pick out counter tops today. Fingers crossed. I'm grateful that my house will be looking a little less like a renovation zone soon.

: : I'm knitting the Gramps Cardigan for Levi. It's a fun knit. And, yes, knitting totally counts as something to be thankful for!

: : I'm also grateful for these....

Spider lilies....naked ladies....whatever you want to call them. For me they are the bringers in of Fall.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I hope the potty training success continues. Had you known this was the kicker, you'd have 'run out' of pull-ups months ago. :) Kids - never a dull moment!

  2. That picture of your husband and little one made my heart leap!


  3. I'm feeling grateful that I had time to read you blog made me smile.

  4. So nice! Love your talk with Levi. My husband and I used to think the same thing, that the younger one would be potty trained first. Heh!


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