Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Last week we took a trip to the zoo. Levi was riveted by the flamingos. He's talked a lot about them since...

Today my mom came over to watch the kids while Stephan and I went out for lunch....1st official date in over a year! While we were out my mom texted this to me....

Levi drew a flamingo
It's a flamingo! Levi drew it all by himself. Sometimes he scribbles, looks at his picture, and then decides what it looks like. This was the very first time that he sat down and intentionally drew something!!! Eek! I'm glad my mom snapped a pic.
When we got home Levi was still on a flamingo kick, so he drew one for me again. I hope he draws one on real paper soon instead of just on the magna-doodle. I fully intend to frame it if he does. :-)

P.S. Mom, could you comment, please? I know you said something about him starting out drawing a rooster or an owl, and then changing it partway through to make a flamingo. I want it in writing! Thanks!!


  1. I love his flamingo! One of my early memories is my Dad taking my brother and I to the zoo and the flamingos were my favourite too.

  2. That's soOo cute! Hooray for Levi!!!
    must they get so big so quick!?

    (jaime has been drawing faces lately, i cried a bit)

  3. Aw! So cute. I definitely see the flamingo.

  4. He said he was drawing a rooster at first. That's when he drew the legs. Then he put the feet on and started looking really hard at the picture. It was like he was analyzing the situation and realized the legs were too long for rooster legs. You could "see the wheels turning" and out popped the idea of drawing a flamingo.

  5. Often our best creations happen when we change an idea midway through. I do that all the time!


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