Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello Again....And Some Everyday Blessings

It seems that I forgot to blog for an entire week! Okay, so I didn't really forget. I just couldn't make it to the computer. You have those weeks too, know the ones where walking all the way to the back of your house just isn't even possible. No? Okay. Just pretend then, so I'll feel better.
This was Stephan's part time job week, which is the hardest week of the month for us. Our schedule gets turned on it's head. The kids get grouchy. The mama gets grouchy. The papa is gone at hours when he's normally here. You get the picture. A whole lot of not fun. On top of that, one of our cars appeared to have kicked the bucket, and Sophia has been least that's what I'm blaming her grouchiness and sudden inability to sleep on. Despite all of that this has been a week of incredible blessings....really incredible. I almost feel bad having just complained considering all the good that has come from this one itty bitty week.
So, onto the blessings...

: : The biggest, most wonderful blessing this week is that Stephan finally quit his second job. Can you hear the sigh of relief coming out of your screen? We are officially poor, but oh so happy. I say poor, but bills are covered. We can still eat and stay clothed. Extras are no more (except for yarn...that's not really an extra, right?). Anyway, the extras are nice, but we'd so much rather have Stephan around more.

: : As if that wasn't enough, do you see that beautiful Maya Wrap ring sling up there. An incredibly sweet friend of mine sent that to me. I am so in love. Sophia is not what I would classify as a cuddly baby, but when she gets in this thing she cuddles up like never before. It's the only carrier that she does that in. I can't get enough! And, neither can she. When I take her out of it she tries to get back in!!

: : Some other super sweet friends of ours blessed us with a riding horse. Levi has been a cowboy for most of today. That and a farmer. Sophia thinks she's just as big as Levi, so she had to have a turn...

I promise Stephan was standing very close to her. You just can't see him.

: : We were ready to hit the used car dealerships and Craigslist ads to replace the car that we were positive could not be resuscitated. Ahem. It cost $35 to fix. I was a good way. I highly, highly recommend The Service Station.

: : The kids and I spent a few days at my parents house, so we wouldn't be stranded at the house while Stephan used the truck. We had such a good time. I'm so grateful that my parents live close enough for us to do that.

: : that's just the big stuff. There were tons of "small" blessings along the way as a fun trip to the zoo, Levi's ever blossoming imagination, getting to listen to the kids and Stephan playing while I cooked, new yarn for Levi's sweater. 

It's been a good week. How about y'all?


  1. Those are some awesome blessings!!! We have a not allot of extras house too,it's not too bad, actually we have more family time and have learned to be more creative to make things we want( you have creativity in buckets so you'll be fine there!)... Having dad around is Way better than stuff!! Not to mention autumn is coming and we can stay outside for AGES again!!!
    Omgoodness Fia is too cute on that lil pony!

    Praise God for all your blessings!!
    Glad I can rejoice with you!

  2. That video is so great, I loved how she had such a great time! She's getting so big. Love the ring sling, Simeon has always been picky about our carriers too. I hope we see y'all this week at our events.

  3. It is wonderful to be so blessed, and even more wonderful to know it and appreciate it!

  4. Yah to being "poor" !!!!!! Zac quit his other job a few months ago and we got rid of cable, we have one car.....but we still get to eat and buy clothes...from consignment shops....and now and then we get a Starbucks. It's worth it and it makes things like...a new rocky horse or a Maya wrap....even specialer. sp? Happy for you....

  5. Wow, you have had a lot going on, girl! So happy that you can have Stephan around more and that your car was easy to fix. Big blessings for you!

  6. Just now getting around to watching the rocking horse riding! Sooo cute! And Sophia just seems perfectly at ease bouncing on that thing!

  7. That picture of you and your sweet girl just made me sigh!



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