Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Growing Web

"Me The Spider is building a web." That's what Levi told me as he took pipe cleaners and began twisting them onto the laundry basket this morning...

The web morphed as the day progressed, and by the end of it all it had sucked in a ladybug...

My mom came over during part of the spider madness. She made Levi a set of antennae and wings. He was no longer "me the spider". Instead he was "me the ladybug" and "me the wasp"...depending on when you spoke to him. I believe I went for a walk with "me the wasp."...

He's rough on wings....

I do believe we need to buy stock in pipe cleaners. There's not an unused one in the house now.


  1. Me The Nanno had a good time with y'all today!

  2. Love it, how great to see Levi's creativity really grow!

  3. Hehe! thats too cool, bear and i need to take a trip to the craft store, the time of abundant kid crafts is upon us!

  4. There's a few kids around here who would totally fit in with that sort of making!

    PS. Yay for S walking! (Hold on to your hat, Mama)...


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