Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best Day Of His Life...So Far

A few days ago we met up with friends at the fire station. Levi thought he'd landed in heaven. After a little talk on fire safety, the kids all got hats and badges. Levi was a fireman. Seriously. There was no addressing him as anything but.

The firemen were incredibly sweet to the kids. They let them climb all over their truck and patiently answered at least 500 million questions. At one point, Levi cornered this one and talked his ears off.

I swear he's shy, but you would not have known it that day...

After about an hour of kiddo bliss, the firemen got a call. We whisked the kids off to the sidelines where they got to watch the firemen jump into their trucks and drive away.

As we were leaving, Levi announced that he was a 'fire hazard'. Ha!


  1. Oh wow! Talk about a little boys dream!


  2. Oh Jaim would have loved that, has levi seen Fireman sam yet, jaime loves him (we have the movies because we dont have TV.. it used to be stop motion some are cg now),its a super cute little show, and their welsh,like my great gran!

  3. Levi is such an adorable little one. This had to have been an AMAZING day.


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